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Importance of Commercial Photography: Is It Really Worth It?

It’s no secret: a picture is worth a thousand words.

But is a photo you take with your smartphone worth the same as one taken by a professional commercial photographer? Put them side by side, and you’ll see there’s truly no comparison. Today’s technology has made it easy for every brand to be a publisher. Taking your own photos and pushing your own content has streamlined advertising and marketing for many companies. With just a few clicks, you can publish your pictures and put them in front of millions of viewers at scale. But convenience should never be confused with quality, especially in a world where a single image can travel the globe within seconds.

If you want to put your brand’s best foot forward, it literally pays to invest in commercial photography. Consider the top three benefits that will put your photos at an advantage over brands who are using DIY methods:

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Build Your Brand Image

When you compare an amateur photo with a professional one, you can usually tell the difference. So can your customers.

Your photography quality sends a message to your customers. If you’re using a commercial photographer, that message is that you care about the quality of your content and have invested in your images because they’re that important.

However, if you’re snapping your own pics with a point-and-shoot camera or smartphone, you’re proving that saving money is a higher priority than quality or branding. This can alter a customer’s perception of your brand and may even reduce the value they believe you to bring to their experiences.

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Get Original Photos

There are millions of stock photos online, many of which are professional. This might be your idea of using professional commercial images, but be warned that thousands of other companies have the same purpose.

What happens when one of your competitors is using the same stock photo as you? How will your customers tell you apart from them?

Working with a commercial photographer guarantees you’ll get high-quality, original images that will make your competitors jealous.

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Put Your Products in the Best Light

Commercial photographers don’t just know how to use a camera. They’re also skilled in finding the best angles and lighting that will make your subject pop. They’re creatives in every sense of the word that will highlight your products in the best possible way and help you stand out from competitors.

Food Photography for Burger Dinner. Burger and Sweet potato fries commercial photography
Where to Find a Quality UK Commercial Photographer?

Pictures are potent storytellers that help your audience connect with your message, but not just any image will work. In fact, having lousy imagery in your advertising can do more harm than good.

There’s no doubt that professional commercial photography makes a significant impact on how others see your brand and products. It’s best to leave it to the experts that can help tie your brand, image, and goals into a single powerful photo.

Are you looking for a commercial UK photographer to help you grow your business? Let’s connect today and start putting your business’s best foot forward!


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