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First Impressions HWAMART 60cm 24” Foldable Softbox

Keeping It Light!

I’m always trying to keep my gear light and portable. I sold my Nikon gear and invested in Fujifilm, two Lencarta Safari 2 and I’ve just purchased a Godox AD200. To go with the Ad200 I bought the Hwamart 60cm foldable softbox to use as a beauty dish. After a few days of using the Hwamart, I decided to do this first impression.

HWAMART 60cm open and attached to a Lencater 300 sf studio flash

What comes with the HWAMART 60cm?

  • Canvas carry back
  • The softbox
  • Outer and inner diffuser
  • Two attachment rods, plate and screws and thumbscrews for using as a beauty dish.
  • Honeycomb grid


HWAMART 60cm Beauty dish in its carry case
HWAMART Beauty Dish out of its carry case un-opened
The Build Quality

Straight out of the bag the Hwamart 60cm 24″ looks and feel well built, I was pleasantly surprised as it costs under £70. (at the time of writing this) The outer canvas seems high quality, it snugly wrapped around the sixteen heat resistant rod. There are velcro flaps at the base of the canvas that is useful when opening and closing the Softbox. The Rod attach to a Bowen S-Fit mount and have a clever push-pull system keeping the rods in place. The inner and outer diffusers are made of strong nylon. The honeycomb grid is like most grids I’ve used but the sticking seems better quality. The metal rod that attaches to the side of the box and to the plate to turn the softbox into a beauty dish is aluminium and well crafted.  Once open the Softbox is rigid and feels like an expensive bit of equipment.

Inside the HWAMART 60" beauty dish
Using the HWAMART 60cm in the field

 I found this quite difficult the first time I opened the softbox but after a few goes I soon found the nak and opening and closing the softbox became a breeze. I chose to buy a silver-lined Softbox for when using it as a beauty dish. Using the rods and dish provided it is a simple conversion from a softbox to a beauty dish when out on a job.

the HWAMART 60 cm Fully open showing how to use the 16 clips

HWAMART ® 60cm 24″ Easy Open Silver Soft Umbrella Softbox SpeedBox Bowen S-Type Foldable honeycomb grid 16 metal rods Silver Softbox with Speedring (S-Fit / Bowens Fit) High-Quality Construction; Features 16 Heat-Resistant rods Two layers of diffusion and Honeycomb grid Silver coloured interior to maximize light efficiency: Comes with High-Quality Carry Case Include one softbox only. Lights/stands are for demonstration.

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